Deaths of salt lake flamingo cubs

Deaths of salt lake flamingo cubs

Dear friends,

We were all horrified by the photos of dead flamingo cubs in the press recently!

As if the Mamasin Dam on the Melendiz Stream, the Cihanbeyli Pond in front of the Peçenek and İnsuyu Stream weren’t enough, the lake was completely dehydrated after the villagers built dams and cut off the last waterways of the birds that stopped at Tuz Lake.
Adult birds flew away helplessly. Thousands of flamingo cubs that could not yet fly died of thirst.

The right to life is the fundamental right of all living things, Friends. The world is the living space of all living things and it is selfish and irresponsible to say the least, for people or institutions to use limited resources only for themselves.

Now the authorities will start an investigation, maybe they will re-determine the migration routes and hatching places of the birds. This will ease the conscience of the public and make them forget their responsibilities. This scenario, which we see in every natural massacre, will be repeated once again and those scenes will be forgotten in a very short time. Until the next disaster.

We, who came together to raise awareness about the right to life of all living things in the world, would like to remind you once again that we are not alone in the world, that the lives of all living things are connected by a thread of cotton, and that every living thing we know or do not know is an important building block of the ecosystem in this world.

Dear Friends, that the deaths of flamingo cubs should not be forgotten after three days and things will change only with you. With your sensitivity and support, the hopeless approach of the authorities will come to an end, and destruction and massacres will be prevented. We appeal to everyone who is sensitive to nature and respects the right to life of all living things. Hear our voice and support our struggle to protect nature!

Remember, there is no other world, no other Turkey to live in!