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Penalty of 12 million liras for the business that causes environmental pollution in Giresun

The Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change has banned the enterprise operating in the field of “zinc and lead ore enrichment”, which causes environmental pollution in the Şebinkarahisar district of Giresun, by imposing an administrative fine of 12 million 71 thousand 949 liras.

Penalty of 12 million liras for the business that causes environmental pollution in Giresun
The Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change imposed a penalty of 12 million lira on the enterprise that caused environmental pollution in the Şebinkarahisar district of Giresun.

In the statement made by the Ministry, it was stated that an administrative penalty of 12 million 71 thousand 949 liras, which is the upper limit, was imposed on the enterprise operating in the field of “zinc and lead ore enrichment”, pursuant to the Environment Law No. 2872, and the enterprise was banned from operating.


Emphasizing that the work in the region continues uninterrupted in three shifts, it was stated in the statement that the complete removal of waste from the stream bed will be completed in a few days, and then the “environmental monitoring and improvement” works of the Ministry will begin.

In the statement, it was also noted that as of January 1, 2021, 11 thousand 641 inspections of waste were carried out, a total of 141 million 249 thousand liras were imposed in 670 criminal proceedings, and 57 enterprises were banned from operating.


A part of the waste dam embankment belonging to the ore enrichment enterprise operating in Şebinkarahisar collapsed, and the activities of the enterprise were stopped by sending teams to the region under the coordination of the Ministry….

Şişli Etfal is moving on the grounds that it is not earthquake resistant.

It was emphasized that Şişli Hamidiye Etfal Training and Research Hospital, some parts of which were moved to Seyrantepe and Sarıyer, should be transformed on site.

Sibel Bahcetepe
Şişli Etfal is moving on the grounds that it is not earthquake resistant.

After some parts of Şişli Hamidiye Etfal Training and Research Hospital, which has been serving in Şişli, Istanbul for 122 years, with a capacity of 600 beds, started to move to Seyrantepe and Sarıyer on the grounds that it is not earthquake resistant, it remains unclear what the hospital building and its location will be. While the relocation process is expected to be completed in June, the people of the region, physicians and non-governmental organizations stated that the hospital building should be converted on site and made earthquake resistant and continue its activities, “There are more than a thousand emergency service applications to Şişli Etfal every day. As a result of the relocation of this hospital to Seyrantepe, there will not be a comprehensive hospital serving with the same qualifications in Şişli, Beyoğlu and Beşiktaş regions.

Cengiz Cemri from Şişli Etfal Solidarity, who has been fighting for the hospital to stay in place for a long time, reminded that the transfer of the hospital to Sarıyer and Seyrantepe continues in his evaluation, and said: There was great uncertainty about what would happen if the health center was to be established, and how it would happen.”

Noting that Şişli Etfal Solidarity has expressed its reactions through various methods such as press releases and signature campaigns, especially in the last months, Cemri said, “Despite all insistence and public reaction, the fact that no statement was made about the future of Etfal, a different project for the hospital in the minds of the political authorities and decision makers. It reveals that (s)

In summary, Cemri said: “When we look at the government’s policies of opening up education and health fields to the private sector for many years, strengthening the private sector in these areas, as well as rent-oriented looting and plundering against the city and nature, like Şişli Etfal, an extremely large area of ​​36 thousand 525 square meters is located in the center of the city. It would not be surprising if a large and valuable piece of land has whetted someone’s appetite, and that someone who looks at this public land with the green of the dollar wants to ‘collapse’.

Art for Nature Association (DİSDER) 1st ordinary General Assembly

The general assembly was held on 18.09.2021. As a result of the elections held at the general assembly, the new board of directors was formed as follows.

We wish our new board of directors and all members of DİSDER, our fellow activists in solidarity with us, to work productively and successfully during their term of office.

Art for Nature association
Our board of directors formed as a result of the 1st Ordinary General Assembly election dated 18.09.2021:

Members of the board of directors:

Göksen Ezeltürk – President
Adnan Alin – Vice President
Azime Çeker -Writer
Süleyman Karan- Treasurer,
Tuğba Aksu -Member of the Board of Directors

Substitute members of the board of directors:

Ayse Baykal,
Derya Turgay,
Baturay Goksular,
Ercan Mountain,
Yasar Merve dies.

Regular members of the supervisory board:

Ali Kaya – Chairman of the supervisory board
Hayrettin Sabırlı – member
Erdinç Aslan – member

Substitute members of the supervisory board:

Kazim Peksen,
Muhsin Karakoç,
Ulvi Kaan Meric.

Excessive Rain and Extreme Drought

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In the Black Sea region of our country, it rains abundantly, sometimes very heavily, while drought is constantly increasing in the Central and Southern regions.

Billions of tons of water go to the sea in the north without being used, and lakes, dams, wells and underground waters are established in the south and central Anatolia.

The Mediterranean region is in the first degree drought zone, drifting into disaster, drought hit central Anatolia, nobody cares. The issue is on the agenda because people are dying in the North. It is not on the agenda because people have not yet died in the south.

We mourn 125 people in the North, millions will be harmed in the South, thousands will die, but no one moves.

The press, which spends time with the agenda created for various reasons, does not bring enough importance to this vital issue of our society.

My dear readers, the places you see as deserts in other countries were once green pastures. Those places are now sand piles displaced by the wind. These are natural events that have happened and are known. This change has also started in us.

If measures are not taken, we will face irreversible “disasters” in our Central and Southern regions. Then I won’t be alive, but someone will say, “If precautions were taken in time, we would not have encountered this “disaster”, it was “murder”.

I know that when I say what we have to do, the negative side of us as a society will back up, but I will still do my duty.

What needs to be done is to transfer the abundant water in the North to the dry key points in the South and Central Anatolia without wasting any time.

Just as oil, which is much more difficult and dangerous to transfer, is transferred thousands of kilometers through pipes, water can be transferred more easily.

There are some things that money can’t be a problem for not doing. If it happens, either the country will perish, or life! Those who bring money to the fore as a problem regarding desertification and water have a defect in their minds.

One solution to the fact that the construction in the river beds in the north does not cause human deaths is to build small dams and water traps from earth. We can pump the excess water to be collected in these dams to the dry places.

With this measure, we will have a solution both in the North and in the South.

For years, I have been suggesting that the unused water of streams and rivers be transferred to arid places, instead of flowing into our seas, which are in danger of rising. If this method had started about fifteen years ago when I wrote it, the size of the drought we face today would have been much less.

If we do not do what is necessary now, there is no doubt that the scale of the drought will reach the level where the measures will not benefit.

As in all matters, we are harmful to ourselves because of our own thoughtlessness and negligence. With our silence, we are in a mental eclipse as a nation.

No one else can save us from this disease.


art association for nature


18 septembre 2021 – 14.00 18.00



Deaths of salt lake flamingo cubs

Deaths of salt lake flamingo cubs

Dear friends,

We were all horrified by the photos of dead flamingo cubs in the press recently!

As if the Mamasin Dam on the Melendiz Stream, the Cihanbeyli Pond in front of the Peçenek and İnsuyu Stream weren’t enough, the lake was completely dehydrated after the villagers built dams and cut off the last waterways of the birds that stopped at Tuz Lake.
Adult birds flew away helplessly. Thousands of flamingo cubs that could not yet fly died of thirst.

The right to life is the fundamental right of all living things, Friends. The world is the living space of all living things and it is selfish and irresponsible to say the least, for people or institutions to use limited resources only for themselves.

Now the authorities will start an investigation, maybe they will re-determine the migration routes and hatching places of the birds. This will ease the conscience of the public and make them forget their responsibilities. This scenario, which we see in every natural massacre, will be repeated once again and those scenes will be forgotten in a very short time. Until the next disaster.

We, who came together to raise awareness about the right to life of all living things in the world, would like to remind you once again that we are not alone in the world, that the lives of all living things are connected by a thread of cotton, and that every living thing we know or do not know is an important building block of the ecosystem in this world.

Dear Friends, that the deaths of flamingo cubs should not be forgotten after three days and things will change only with you. With your sensitivity and support, the hopeless approach of the authorities will come to an end, and destruction and massacres will be prevented. We appeal to everyone who is sensitive to nature and respects the right to life of all living things. Hear our voice and support our struggle to protect nature!

Remember, there is no other world, no other Turkey to live in!


PLASTIC WASTE … The effects of plastic waste on ecology and solution suggestions,

DISDER INTERVIEW : ( Publication in Turkish)

Hello Dear Friends,

As individuals who are sensitive to nature and art, we came together under the umbrella of the Art for Nature Association and organize various activities to raise awareness about the plunder of nature in our country and the right to life of all living things in nature.

In this context, we are starting DISDER INTERVIEWS. On the 3rd day of the 3rd week of each month, we will meet with our guests who are experts in a different subject and subject related to nature and art. Our first interview will be broadcast live on our youtube channel and zoom on June 23 at 21:00. The subject is very important and concerns the environmental pollution and the health of all living things, especially human beings. PLASTIC WASTE … The effects of plastic waste on ecology and solution proposals were presented by THD President Mr. Turhan ÇAKAR and TÜKODER President Mr. We will listen from Aziz KOÇAL. We believe that it will be a much more productive conversation if you join us and share your views and questions with us.

Hope to meet you at the first of DISDER INTERVIEWS on the 3rd day of the 3rd week at 21:00…



Hello Dear Friends,

As individuals who are sensitive to nature and art, we came together under the umbrella of the Art for Nature Association and organize various art events to raise awareness about the plunder of nature in our country and the right to life of all living things in nature, because we believe in the stimulating, unifying and healing power of art.

In this context, we are organizing a PHOTO EVENT. The name of our Photography Event is “STOP TO NATURE LOAD!” and its purpose; When we say mines, HEPPs, GPPs, highways, concrete cities, we draw attention to the increasing plunder of nature in our country and all over the world. After the evaluation of the photos you have sent to us by our jury members, we will organize the “SAY STOP TO THE NATURE FLOOR WITH YOUR PHOTOS!” and we will witness the increasing plunder in our country, where the agenda is changing rapidly, by bringing them together in a booklet with the same name.

After the pandemic (painting, sculpture, scriptwriting, drama and acting, art history, etc.) two courses (six months) training for the participants who received the first three degrees in the competition.
Mentioned participants will be provided with a course (three months) training in their preferred art.

If you participate in our event, you can announce the plunder in your region to the public with the photos you take. You can find detailed information about our activity on our website. Thank you all for protecting nature.

Hope to meet you at our exhibition…

Are you aware that we are losing nature!
Destruction of forests, pollution of water resources, seas and lakes, poisoning of the soil with chemicals under the name of fertilization, destructive damages of mining, HEPPs, GPPs, highways, ports, shopping malls, housing, increasing concretion…! All of these are threatening nature and the living creatures in nature more and more every day.
Nature is being plundered and destroyed for the sake of profit! We see, hear and feel them! We know the importance of nature, but do we have enough sensitivity and struggle to raise public awareness for the protection of natural life?
As the Art for Nature Association, our mission is to raise public awareness of the importance of nature, which is plundered for profit. For this purpose, we are organizing a Photography Event with the subject of “NATURE FIELD”. In this way, we think that we can once again draw attention to the Plunder of Nature, bring together the Friends of Nature and warn the Enemies of Nature.
The name of our event is “STOP TO THE LOAD OF NATURE!”
You can also contribute to this effort with your photographs and increase our justified sensitivity!


  1. Anyone who likes nature and photography can participate in our event. Parents of our participants under the age of 18 are required to fill in the undertaking in Annex 1 and add it to the application file. Otherwise, the photo will not be evaluated.
  2. Participation in the event is free.
  3. The photo can be a photo from Turkey or the whole world. The important thing is that the photograph strikingly reveals the plunder of nature and/or the effort made to protect nature. Within the scope of the subject of the event and original photographs will be evaluated.
  4. The participant can participate in the event with a maximum of 3 Digital Color or Black and White works. In case of participation with more than one work, the content of the photographs should not repeat each other and should be different.
  5. Except for simple interventions such as sharpness, contrast, saturation, photographs created entirely with computer software will not be accepted. The documentary structure of the photograph must not have been changed. The opinion of the jury is essential in this matter.
  6. Previously exhibited and awarded photographs can also participate in the event. However, photographs that contain framing differences and/or cropped images of photographs that have received awards (degree, honorable mention, special award) in any competition held before or simultaneously with this event, and images with color change applied, cannot participate in the event. On the contrary, the behavior is considered a violation of the rules.
  7. It is accepted that they allow people who can be seen in the photos sent to the event to be photographed and published in visual, internet and printed media. The relevant responsibility belongs to the participant who sent the photo and any objection or disagreement is not the responsibility of the association.
  8. The participant accepts, declares and undertakes that the photos uploaded to the website belong entirely to him and that all permissions have been obtained. Using the images of someone else, in whole or in part, is considered a violation of the rules. The relevant responsibility belongs to the participant who sent the photo and any objection or disagreement is not the responsibility of the association.
  9. Sanctions in Article 13 of “TFSF U/UA Contest Organization Standards Directive” are applied to participants who violate the rules. The exhibitor’s exhibition is cancelled; the prize slot is left blank; title and gains are taken back. This does not mean that the ranking of other participants will be changed; does not give rise to the right of request to the competitors who have received and/or not received other awards.
  10. The photos sent should be taken as 2000.3000 pixels or 4000.1500 pixels and should be added to the photography activity section of the website as jpeg without shrinking.
  11. The photographs were presented to the jury in a completely darkened hall; It will be presented on a projection machine with a resolution of 3840 pixels x 2160 pixels, on a screen with a diagonal length of at least 1 and at most 2.5 m, or on a 42/55 inch LCD monitor with a resolution of ultra HD 4K 3840 pixels x 2160 pixels.
  12. The photographs that received a rating and were deemed worthy of being exhibited at the event “Say Stop to the Plunder of Nature!” will be exhibited in print at our exhibition (name may change).
  13. Among the photographs that were awarded and exhibited at the event, those determined by the association will be printed as a booklet together with the name of the owner of the work and information about the region where the photograph was taken, and this booklet will be distributed. The participant is deemed to have accepted the printing of his photograph in the booklet.
  14. The name of the author cannot be found on the photograph. The author will participate in the event with a pseudonym.
  15. First degree relatives of jury members cannot attend the event.
  16. Participants who send photos to the competition are deemed to have accepted the conditions of participation detailed above.

The deadline for participation in the event is 19 Octobre 2021 and the results will be announced on the website on 30 octobre 2021; In addition, winners will be notified of the results by phone and/or e-mail.
Depending on the pandemic conditions, a special event will be organized and an exhibition will be held on Novombre 17, 2021, where plaques and participation certificates will be presented to the participants.

Kadıköy Press release: Or Canal, Or Istanbul

May 27, 2021

They want Istanbul to destroy our city, which has hosted many civilizations, and is known all over the world with its nature and cultural assets. Until today, we have lost most of our city memory, especially with the attacks made in the last 20 years.
We have very little left from Istanbul, where Orhan Veli was listening with his eyes closed. Now, our cultural assets; They are transferring Gezi Park, Galata Tower to some supporting institutions that have been fabricated as “foundations” that do not even exist. They aim to completely eliminate our remaining cultural assets such as Yarimburgaz Caves, Odabaşı and Dursunköy Bridges in the 3rd Region of Istanbul with the rent and plunder project “Kanal Istanbul”. Profit ambitions do not end, do not stop ..
We met here today to explain the meaning of Istanbul’s 3rd Region for us. Istanbul;
It is our city where we feel the sweet breeze of the wind coming from the North Forests, where we watch the migration of storks and their accommodation from Yeniköy, where nets are pulled on the Black Sea coast, where we are happy with the sounds of children on the beach, where the sunflower fields bring the beautiful color of the sun to the ground. Our lakes are both our water and our city where we sit on the edge to take a breath, listen to the chirping of the birds, look at its unique flowers lovingly, and listen to the rustling of the leaves of its trees. Starting from Küçükçekmece, it is our city in which we chat by fencing the seeds in front of the houses, share our vegetables we grow in our gardens, walk on historical bridges (rest with the sound of the streams flowing at the bottom and even drink the sugar-like water of those streams.
Now they want to build a “Canal” for our city and a “Yenişehir” for a handful of rich people. Those who irreversibly destroyed Istanbul with the 3rd Bridge, 3rd Airport and new highways; He wants to eliminate the remaining of the Northern Forests, the last agricultural areas of Istanbul, lakes and all the districts in the region and to displace the people living there. They declared in the EIA report that “qualified people” will now live in the region. In other words, there is no place for us workers, laborers, tradesmen and farmers in the “project” they have just designed.
All public opinion polls in Istanbul show that the overwhelming majority of the people do not want this “project”. AKP President said, “Despite them, we will also do Canal Istanbul, we will do it out of spite.” Despite whom and what? The public knows the damage this plundering project will cause to the city and nature. A handful of proponents are aware that you are attacking nature and the city to make the capital even richer, and the people who voted for you know that, they are against this project.
A new decree was published in the Official Gazette. The state has given a guarantee to finance the “project”, which for us means “build-operate – make the capital rich – pay the public”. In other words, what they make us pay after they do is not enough, they will make the Treasury pay for what they did not get the loan with our taxes.
With the Yenişehir project; They will pillage the last wetlands of our city, which is cracked by water, and the surrounding lakes of Terkos and Küçükçekmece by declaring new “tourism” areas and deepen the destruction.
A short while ago, farmers engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry were notified to evacuate their lands in Arnavutköy, which covers an important part of the “Kanal Istanbul” project. They are declaring the last villages of Istanbul as “logistic areas” and trying to expel them from their lands. Since the concepts of right, law and justice have been thrown to the trash, we have no other guarantees than “solidarity and struggle together”.
The people do not want this “plundering and destruction project”. Thousands of people filed an objection, dozens of institutions and individuals sued. The court, which took the decision of discovery, does not appoint any expert, but they explain that they are speeding up the tender preparations. Once again, we are aware that they are trying to sign new lawlessness by saying “the horse has passed Üsküdar”.
We met here today to tell us about Istanbul and to say that we will not destroy our city and our memory. We repeat; We will continue our struggle against those who stubborn with Istanbul, the public and nature.

Either Kanal Or Istanbul Coordination

Don’t Shut Down Şişli Etfal Hospital (turkey)

The 600 bed capacity Şişli Etfal hospital, which has been operating in Şişli for 112 years, is divided and moved to Sarıyer and Maslak due to earthquake retrofitting works. There is no clear information about whether he will return or not.

Don’t Touch My Right to Health
Don’t Touch My Right to Health

Şişli residents and some NGOs in Şişli, who did not want to be sentenced to private hospitals in the vicinity, gathered under the roof of Şişli Etfal Solidarity and initiated actions “Let our hospital not be closed, moved, transformed on site”.

As DİS DER, we were there with our canvases that write Don’t Touch My Right to Health and our Şişli Etfal Do Not Close Painting that we painted with all the participants 🙂