Dear Friends Hello.

As you know, on Saturday, January 22, 2022, we held the plaque ceremony of our “STOP THE DESTRUCTION OF NATURE” photography contest, which we organized as DİSDER with the support of İFSAK within the framework events of 2021, at Şişli Nazim Hikmet Cultural Centre. We inaugurated our exhibition and distributed our brochures. Our exhibition can be visited until February 4th.

We would like to thank all our competitors who participated, all our members who helped bring our event to life, all our friends who were with us during the event and the Municipality of Şişli who always supported us.

But of course, our biggest thank you all together is to all those who work hard and resist so that nature is not plundered 🙂 Thank you and you exist,

See you in our “Pictures you don’t want to look at” contest that we will organize in 2022 :))

Goksen Ezeltürk
Association Art for Nature