Sisli Etfal Solidarity, of which we are a component as DİSDER

As DİSDER, we supported the chain action of Sisli Etfsl Solidarity, of which we are a component, in front of Şişli Cevahir at 15:00 today.

In the action supported by Şişli Mayor Muammer Keskin and Şişli City Council President Şükran Eroğlu, around 400 people formed a chain hand in hand and we said that we wanted Şişli Etfal Hospital back.

Reminding that there is still no response to the petition we submitted to the Ministry of Health in Ankara with 30,000 wet signatures five months ago, we asked the authorities again what would be the fate of Şişli Etfal Hospital.

As DiSDER and Şişli Etfal Solidarity, we announce once again that we will continue our actions until we get a clear answer from the authorities. Because the right to health and access to health is the most basic right for all people, regardless of their religion, language, ethnic origin or political view.