We are on the road for İliç, Come on..

As a local resister put it; “Is it because this is not the Aegean, not the Mediterranean, not the Black Sea, it has been mercilessly destroyed for all these years, no one looks back!” İliç has been living with a cyanide pool the size of 200 football fields, 600 meters from the Fırat for years, and these poison pools are desired to be enlarged 3 times. But no one reacts except a few people in the locality! We are hitting the road for İliç on Tuesday, April 12! Come on..
It is known that 60 percent of our country from east to west is licensed to mining companies and is sacrificed for rent day by day. However, unfortunately, we are not very aware of the magnitude of the eco-climate in the İliç district of Erzincan.

İliç has been living with a cyanide pool the size of 200 football fields, 600 meters from the Fırat for years, and these poison pools are desired to be enlarged 3 times. But no one reacts except a few people in the locality! As a local resister put it; “Is it because this is not the Aegean, not the Mediterranean, or the Black Sea, it has been ruthlessly destroyed for all these years, no one looks back!”..



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Dear Friends Hello.

As you know, on Saturday, January 22, 2022, we held the plaque ceremony of our “STOP THE DESTRUCTION OF NATURE” photography contest, which we organized as DİSDER with the support of İFSAK within the framework events of 2021, at Şişli Nazim Hikmet Cultural Centre. We inaugurated our exhibition and distributed our brochures. Our exhibition can be visited until February 4th.

We would like to thank all our competitors who participated, all our members who helped bring our event to life, all our friends who were with us during the event and the Municipality of Şişli who always supported us.

But of course, our biggest thank you all together is to all those who work hard and resist so that nature is not plundered 🙂 Thank you and you exist,

See you in our “Pictures you don’t want to look at” contest that we will organize in 2022 :))

Goksen Ezeltürk
Association Art for Nature

award ceremony of our photo

Dear friends,

As you know, the exhibition and award ceremony of our photo contest Stop the Plunder of Nature:
On January 22, Nâzım Hikmet Cultural Center, Istanbul
the date it will take place.
We are waiting for friends of the environment and nature

President of the Art for Nature association

Penalty of 12 million liras for the business that causes environmental pollution in Giresun

The Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change has banned the enterprise operating in the field of “zinc and lead ore enrichment”, which causes environmental pollution in the Şebinkarahisar district of Giresun, by imposing an administrative fine of 12 million 71 thousand 949 liras.

Penalty of 12 million liras for the business that causes environmental pollution in Giresun
The Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change imposed a penalty of 12 million lira on the enterprise that caused environmental pollution in the Şebinkarahisar district of Giresun.

In the statement made by the Ministry, it was stated that an administrative penalty of 12 million 71 thousand 949 liras, which is the upper limit, was imposed on the enterprise operating in the field of “zinc and lead ore enrichment”, pursuant to the Environment Law No. 2872, and the enterprise was banned from operating.


Emphasizing that the work in the region continues uninterrupted in three shifts, it was stated in the statement that the complete removal of waste from the stream bed will be completed in a few days, and then the “environmental monitoring and improvement” works of the Ministry will begin.

In the statement, it was also noted that as of January 1, 2021, 11 thousand 641 inspections of waste were carried out, a total of 141 million 249 thousand liras were imposed in 670 criminal proceedings, and 57 enterprises were banned from operating.


A part of the waste dam embankment belonging to the ore enrichment enterprise operating in Şebinkarahisar collapsed, and the activities of the enterprise were stopped by sending teams to the region under the coordination of the Ministry….


Sisli Etfal Solidarity, of which we are a component as DİSDER

As DİSDER, we supported the chain action of Sisli Etfsl Solidarity, of which we are a component, in front of Şişli Cevahir at 15:00 today.

In the action supported by Şişli Mayor Muammer Keskin and Şişli City Council President Şükran Eroğlu, around 400 people formed a chain hand in hand and we said that we wanted Şişli Etfal Hospital back.

Reminding that there is still no response to the petition we submitted to the Ministry of Health in Ankara with 30,000 wet signatures five months ago, we asked the authorities again what would be the fate of Şişli Etfal Hospital.

As DiSDER and Şişli Etfal Solidarity, we announce once again that we will continue our actions until we get a clear answer from the authorities. Because the right to health and access to health is the most basic right for all people, regardless of their religion, language, ethnic origin or political view.

Şişli Etfal is moving on the grounds that it is not earthquake resistant.

It was emphasized that Şişli Hamidiye Etfal Training and Research Hospital, some parts of which were moved to Seyrantepe and Sarıyer, should be transformed on site.

Sibel Bahcetepe
Şişli Etfal is moving on the grounds that it is not earthquake resistant.

After some parts of Şişli Hamidiye Etfal Training and Research Hospital, which has been serving in Şişli, Istanbul for 122 years, with a capacity of 600 beds, started to move to Seyrantepe and Sarıyer on the grounds that it is not earthquake resistant, it remains unclear what the hospital building and its location will be. While the relocation process is expected to be completed in June, the people of the region, physicians and non-governmental organizations stated that the hospital building should be converted on site and made earthquake resistant and continue its activities, “There are more than a thousand emergency service applications to Şişli Etfal every day. As a result of the relocation of this hospital to Seyrantepe, there will not be a comprehensive hospital serving with the same qualifications in Şişli, Beyoğlu and Beşiktaş regions.

Cengiz Cemri from Şişli Etfal Solidarity, who has been fighting for the hospital to stay in place for a long time, reminded that the transfer of the hospital to Sarıyer and Seyrantepe continues in his evaluation, and said: There was great uncertainty about what would happen if the health center was to be established, and how it would happen.”

Noting that Şişli Etfal Solidarity has expressed its reactions through various methods such as press releases and signature campaigns, especially in the last months, Cemri said, “Despite all insistence and public reaction, the fact that no statement was made about the future of Etfal, a different project for the hospital in the minds of the political authorities and decision makers. It reveals that (s)

In summary, Cemri said: “When we look at the government’s policies of opening up education and health fields to the private sector for many years, strengthening the private sector in these areas, as well as rent-oriented looting and plundering against the city and nature, like Şişli Etfal, an extremely large area of ​​36 thousand 525 square meters is located in the center of the city. It would not be surprising if a large and valuable piece of land has whetted someone’s appetite, and that someone who looks at this public land with the green of the dollar wants to ‘collapse’.


Art for Nature Association (DİSDER) 1st ordinary General Assembly

The general assembly was held on 18.09.2021. As a result of the elections held at the general assembly, the new board of directors was formed as follows.

We wish our new board of directors and all members of DİSDER, our fellow activists in solidarity with us, to work productively and successfully during their term of office.

Art for Nature association
Our board of directors formed as a result of the 1st Ordinary General Assembly election dated 18.09.2021:

Members of the board of directors:

Göksen Ezeltürk – President
Adnan Alin – Vice President
Azime Çeker -Writer
Süleyman Karan- Treasurer,
Tuğba Aksu -Member of the Board of Directors

Substitute members of the board of directors:

Ayse Baykal,
Derya Turgay,
Baturay Goksular,
Ercan Mountain,
Yasar Merve dies.

Regular members of the supervisory board:

Ali Kaya – Chairman of the supervisory board
Hayrettin Sabırlı – member
Erdinç Aslan – member

Substitute members of the supervisory board:

Kazim Peksen,
Muhsin Karakoç,
Ulvi Kaan Meric.

Excessive Rain and Extreme Drought

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In the Black Sea region of our country, it rains abundantly, sometimes very heavily, while drought is constantly increasing in the Central and Southern regions.

Billions of tons of water go to the sea in the north without being used, and lakes, dams, wells and underground waters are established in the south and central Anatolia.

The Mediterranean region is in the first degree drought zone, drifting into disaster, drought hit central Anatolia, nobody cares. The issue is on the agenda because people are dying in the North. It is not on the agenda because people have not yet died in the south.

We mourn 125 people in the North, millions will be harmed in the South, thousands will die, but no one moves.

The press, which spends time with the agenda created for various reasons, does not bring enough importance to this vital issue of our society.

My dear readers, the places you see as deserts in other countries were once green pastures. Those places are now sand piles displaced by the wind. These are natural events that have happened and are known. This change has also started in us.

If measures are not taken, we will face irreversible “disasters” in our Central and Southern regions. Then I won’t be alive, but someone will say, “If precautions were taken in time, we would not have encountered this “disaster”, it was “murder”.

I know that when I say what we have to do, the negative side of us as a society will back up, but I will still do my duty.

What needs to be done is to transfer the abundant water in the North to the dry key points in the South and Central Anatolia without wasting any time.

Just as oil, which is much more difficult and dangerous to transfer, is transferred thousands of kilometers through pipes, water can be transferred more easily.

There are some things that money can’t be a problem for not doing. If it happens, either the country will perish, or life! Those who bring money to the fore as a problem regarding desertification and water have a defect in their minds.

One solution to the fact that the construction in the river beds in the north does not cause human deaths is to build small dams and water traps from earth. We can pump the excess water to be collected in these dams to the dry places.

With this measure, we will have a solution both in the North and in the South.

For years, I have been suggesting that the unused water of streams and rivers be transferred to arid places, instead of flowing into our seas, which are in danger of rising. If this method had started about fifteen years ago when I wrote it, the size of the drought we face today would have been much less.

If we do not do what is necessary now, there is no doubt that the scale of the drought will reach the level where the measures will not benefit.

As in all matters, we are harmful to ourselves because of our own thoughtlessness and negligence. With our silence, we are in a mental eclipse as a nation.

No one else can save us from this disease.



art association for nature


18 septembre 2021 – 14.00 18.00



Villagers started vigil against cutting in Akbelen Forest

The teams, accompanied by the Gendarmerie, started cutting in the Akbelen Forest early in the morning to expand the mining area. The people of the region called for support for the vigil they started to prevent the slaughter.
Green Newspaper GREEN NEWSPAPER 17/07/2021

In the morning hours, cutting started in the Akbelen Forest, which is intended to be destroyed in order to expand the lignite mine field in Muğla İkizköy and providing fuel to the thermal power plant.

The people of İkizköy, who wanted to prevent the teams coming with the Gendarme from working, came to the forest area and started a vigil here…