As members of the Art for Nature Association, yesterday we made paintings for the crazy project Canal Istanbul, which all scientists perceive as a great danger to Istanbul, and during the Press Release, we tried to draw attention to the destruction that Canal Istanbul will cause in these paintings.
In these paintings, we depicted Storks, Yarimburgaz Cave, Terkos Lake, and trees that dry up when they are green. Because, if the Canal Istanbul project comes to life, for the sake of a 45 km concrete channel extending from Küçük Çekmece to Terkos Lake, all these pictures will be destroyed!

We have painted a tree that is green on one side and dried on the other. Because if this project comes to life, 458 hectares of forestland will be destroyed. Moreover, 2500 hectares of trees will be cut down for the new city to be created around the Canal. However, for all living things, tree means breath, it means life itself.
Let the trees live, the forests live! ”

We painted lakes, because if this project comes to life, the Küçükçekmece lagoon will disappear, the Sazlıdere dam will be completely flooded, the Terkos lake will be partially lost, 66 streams will be wasted by mixing with the canal instead of irrigating the soil, the sea water will mix into the underground waters in the region over time, and perhaps Trakya all freshwater resources will be destroyed! Water means life, means life!

Let Terkos keep fresh water, let the streams flow!

We painted storks, because if this project comes to life, most of the 124 bird species in the area will be lost. The breeding and wintering population of birds will be affected due to habitat loss. Baklalı, Boyalık and Dursunköy are vital for all migratory birds, especially storks. And this concrete channel will unfortunately be the end of them, like many other animals living in the area!
Let the migratory birds live, let them fly freely!
We depicted the Yarimburgaz cave, because the 1st Degree Archaeological Natural Site, the 400,000-year-old Yarimburgaz Cave and 25 other registered cultural assets in the region will be destroyed by this concrete canal. While painting the Yarimburgaz cave, we not only reminded the importance of this cave and all the others, but also wanted to explain that the concrete canal project is a dark, invisible and bottomless well just like this cave.
Let history live, humanity live!
Yes, this project is almost a bottomless well … It is a dark corridor where it is uncertain where it will lead Istanbul and us, and the light is not visible at the end … 3 billion cubic meters of excavation will be released, chaos will occur in the city due to 400 giant trucks, coastal fishing will end, marine ecosystems will change.

Well, have you ever wondered why all this chaos, all this massacre of nature? His answer: “A New City where qualified population will be resettled”
In other words, it is a concrete city where the qualified population will live, not us, and all this is done for the profit created by this concrete city! The fact that 27 million square meters of land in the region changed hands is the proof of this claim!
We painted the destroyed world. Just like in this picture, Istanbul is being destroyed for the sake of rent. For the luxurious concrete houses overlooking the concrete canal of the qualified population, for whom having enough money is considered sufficient criterion, all living things in nature and nature are being destroyed out of sight, even out of spite!
Let the world live, let Istanbul live! “

However, as the people of Istanbul, we say that we do not need a concrete canal, thousands of new concrete houses, but forests, birds, clean air, clean water, in short nature, to live.
We say that if our country has 75 billion to devote to a concrete canal in this economic downturn, let’s use this budget not for the destruction of life, but for the preservation of life, for the pandemic, for earthquake preparation!
We do not want our trees, lakes, storks and historical values ​​to remain in photographs and paintings! We want to leave all these beauties to our children and future generations!

Don’t let Salda Lake disappear, let it be a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Dear nature and life advocates, we planned to organize a Hashtag event on Saturday, April 10, 2021 at 20:00, as the Twitter event of our “Don’t let Salda Lake disappear, let it be considered a UNESCO World Heritage” campaign so that Salda Lake gets the protection it deserves. We expect your support to function as a democratic pressure group.

1- The first tweet will be posted today from Salda Lake Conservation Association Twitter account @ SaldaDernek.

Kadıköy Press release: Or Canal, Or Istanbul

May 27, 2021

They want Istanbul to destroy our city, which has hosted many civilizations, and is known all over the world with its nature and cultural assets. Until today, we have lost most of our city memory, especially with the attacks made in the last 20 years.
We have very little left from Istanbul, where Orhan Veli was listening with his eyes closed. Now, our cultural assets; They are transferring Gezi Park, Galata Tower to some supporting institutions that have been fabricated as “foundations” that do not even exist. They aim to completely eliminate our remaining cultural assets such as Yarimburgaz Caves, Odabaşı and Dursunköy Bridges in the 3rd Region of Istanbul with the rent and plunder project “Kanal Istanbul”. Profit ambitions do not end, do not stop ..
We met here today to explain the meaning of Istanbul’s 3rd Region for us. Istanbul;
It is our city where we feel the sweet breeze of the wind coming from the North Forests, where we watch the migration of storks and their accommodation from Yeniköy, where nets are pulled on the Black Sea coast, where we are happy with the sounds of children on the beach, where the sunflower fields bring the beautiful color of the sun to the ground. Our lakes are both our water and our city where we sit on the edge to take a breath, listen to the chirping of the birds, look at its unique flowers lovingly, and listen to the rustling of the leaves of its trees. Starting from Küçükçekmece, it is our city in which we chat by fencing the seeds in front of the houses, share our vegetables we grow in our gardens, walk on historical bridges (rest with the sound of the streams flowing at the bottom and even drink the sugar-like water of those streams.
Now they want to build a “Canal” for our city and a “Yenişehir” for a handful of rich people. Those who irreversibly destroyed Istanbul with the 3rd Bridge, 3rd Airport and new highways; He wants to eliminate the remaining of the Northern Forests, the last agricultural areas of Istanbul, lakes and all the districts in the region and to displace the people living there. They declared in the EIA report that “qualified people” will now live in the region. In other words, there is no place for us workers, laborers, tradesmen and farmers in the “project” they have just designed.
All public opinion polls in Istanbul show that the overwhelming majority of the people do not want this “project”. AKP President said, “Despite them, we will also do Canal Istanbul, we will do it out of spite.” Despite whom and what? The public knows the damage this plundering project will cause to the city and nature. A handful of proponents are aware that you are attacking nature and the city to make the capital even richer, and the people who voted for you know that, they are against this project.
A new decree was published in the Official Gazette. The state has given a guarantee to finance the “project”, which for us means “build-operate – make the capital rich – pay the public”. In other words, what they make us pay after they do is not enough, they will make the Treasury pay for what they did not get the loan with our taxes.
With the Yenişehir project; They will pillage the last wetlands of our city, which is cracked by water, and the surrounding lakes of Terkos and Küçükçekmece by declaring new “tourism” areas and deepen the destruction.
A short while ago, farmers engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry were notified to evacuate their lands in Arnavutköy, which covers an important part of the “Kanal Istanbul” project. They are declaring the last villages of Istanbul as “logistic areas” and trying to expel them from their lands. Since the concepts of right, law and justice have been thrown to the trash, we have no other guarantees than “solidarity and struggle together”.
The people do not want this “plundering and destruction project”. Thousands of people filed an objection, dozens of institutions and individuals sued. The court, which took the decision of discovery, does not appoint any expert, but they explain that they are speeding up the tender preparations. Once again, we are aware that they are trying to sign new lawlessness by saying “the horse has passed Üsküdar”.
We met here today to tell us about Istanbul and to say that we will not destroy our city and our memory. We repeat; We will continue our struggle against those who stubborn with Istanbul, the public and nature.

Either Kanal Or Istanbul Coordination

Don’t Shut Down Şişli Etfal Hospital (turkey)

The 600 bed capacity Şişli Etfal hospital, which has been operating in Şişli for 112 years, is divided and moved to Sarıyer and Maslak due to earthquake retrofitting works. There is no clear information about whether he will return or not.

Don’t Touch My Right to Health
Don’t Touch My Right to Health

Şişli residents and some NGOs in Şişli, who did not want to be sentenced to private hospitals in the vicinity, gathered under the roof of Şişli Etfal Solidarity and initiated actions “Let our hospital not be closed, moved, transformed on site”.

As DİS DER, we were there with our canvases that write Don’t Touch My Right to Health and our Şişli Etfal Do Not Close Painting that we painted with all the participants 🙂

Woman Murders ,We will stop

We would like to thank Fidan Atasever and Ayşen Ece Kavas from the “We Will Stop Femicide” Platform, for which we supported their actions in Beşiktaş with our exhibition “I Don’t Want to Die” within the scope of the women’s events on March 8, for their visit to our Association.

DİS-DER, which has adopted the mission of defending the right to life, which is the fundamental right of all living things in nature and of course human beings, and the Platform We Will Stop Femicide, which is a follower and hope in the enlightenment of many femicides in our country, will always continue to support each other 🙂

We will never walk alone

NO to female deaths

NO to female deaths

The pencil drawing work of our friend Maral Gürsoy ..
8 March Şişli exhibition

I, Aslı, was killed at the age of 17
I am Emine, I was killed at the age of 8
I, Sevgi, was killed at the age of 21
I Leyla was killed at the age of 40
I, Sabahat, was killed at the age of 59
I Mevlüde was killed at the age of 12
I, Özgecan, was killed at the age of 20
I Leyla Aydemir was killed at the age of 4

kadın ölümlerine HAYIR
kadın ölümlerine HAYIR

I am Woman … KILLED!

I want to live in all people
I want to walk the roads of the world
Let me mix, I have a piece left in everything
Let my knees shatter, let my hand melt,
Let my blood mingle with blood, my waters in the waters,
Let my hair smelt with the herbs of the world
Ozdemir INCE

8 March International Working Women’s Day Unity and Solidarity Exhibition

8 March International Working Women’s Day Unity and Solidarity Exhibition

Today is March 8, International Women’s Day. On this special day, we wonder about the rights Atatürk gave to women and his words about women. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who always trusts Turkish women and undertakes reforms so that Turkish women can reach their deserved place in the society, put forward the place of women in Turkish society by saying “Everything we see in the world is the work of women”. No leader in any country has fought for women’s rights as much as Atatürk has provided Turkish women with some rights long before developed countries. Here are the rights Atatürk provided to women and the words he said for women …

  • The principle of marriage with a single woman came and the age limit was set in order to marry.
  • The woman who is going to marry will never be forced to marry, she will personally tell the officer her consent for marriage.



EVENT (18/10/2020)

On October 18, 2020, together with Validebağ Volunteers, we met in the Validebağ grove within the framework of TOUCHING VALİDEBAĞ, and we all painted, prepared a graffiti poster and hung it in order to say no to the concreting of this beautiful grove, one of the last green areas in Istanbul, for the sake of rent.



On Sunday, September 20, 2020, together with the Coordination of Channel or Istanbul, we planned to participate in the No to Canal Istanbul march and to paint our canvas, which we will paint green at the end of the march, saying “DO NOT TOUCH MY STANBUL. We called sensitive people to Kadıköy by making a press statement at the points where we were.
The walk we planned turned into a Press Statement on the Kadıköy beach and turned into a Press Statement and we pictured our “DO NOT TOUCH MY ISTANBUL” painting on the beach of Kadıköy with the participants.



On August 22, 2020, Bomonti with the Initiative of All of Us
With our “Don’t Let Bomonti Remain in Memories” event, Şişli people
publicized what they wanted to replace the demolished Bomonti Beer Factory outbuildings.
We tried to announce. Şişli Mayor Sn Muammer Keskin and the district political
In this event, in which party representatives also participated, we painted in Bomonti Yellow
We wrote together on our canvas “DO NOT TOUCH BOMONTIM”.